Welcome to Rocky Mountain Home Renovations! 

We are a locally based, family owned and operated company. Owner, Robert Gerle has served Colorado residents and companies with over 20 years experience in every aspect of the construction business.  From a small drywall repair to a full kitchen remodel, you can rest easy knowing your home renovation needs will be met with professionalism, reliability and superior quality work.


Framing new walls for any interior or exterior application, and making additions, repairs or modifications to existing framing. This also ties in with finishing basements and garages.

Exterior Trim

Installing new siding, soffit, fascia and trim, as well as repairing and/or replacing same.

Kitchens and baths

I specialize in remodels/renovations of kitchens and baths.


Installation of tile/grout and hardwood, as well as some repair of same. With true hardwood floors we can do resurfacing/staining/sealing, and we can repair cracked or broken tile/grout depending on the damage and cause.


Construction of decks using traditional lumber or composite decking (eg: Trex), elevated decks, additions to existing decks, handrails, steps, etc.


Installation of new drywall and repair/replacement of existing drywall. This includes taping joints, installation of metal or plastic corner bead, application of joint compound (drywall mud), sanding, texturing and finishing.


All interior and exterior paint applications. We generally do not do removal of paint other than the necessary scraping and prep work, especially in older houses due to the lead compounds that were so common.


I only install batting type insulation. Any blown in types we leave to people who specialize in that.

Repointing of mortar and grout

I generally will do smaller areas, one or two lines at most as if there is damage to larger areas it is usually indicative of a larger problem that repointing will not fix.

About Us

We believe the best way we can help our clients build the home they want is to treat your home like it is our home. 

We network with property managers and real estate agents to find the best, most modern and most cost effective ways to ensure all projects are completed to our client’s satisfaction. To guarantee the safety and success of our client’s projects, Rocky Mountain Home Renovations is proud to have built deep relationships with specialty contractors such as Master Plumbers, Master Electricians, Professional Concrete Workers and Roofers, so if needed we can include their skills, knowledge and experience. We have also built professional relationships with numerous materials suppliers to ensure RMHR clients get the best pricing to meet their budget. We can supervise and coordinate projects involving multiple contractors, or be the sole contractor you call to make your project a success.

Our home renovation specialties include
*Full kitchen and bath remodels
*Drywall repair, installation and finishing
*Hardwood, laminate and tile flooring
*Basement finishing
*Plumbing and electrical
*“Fix and Flips”
*“Make Readies” for rentals and sales
*And much more! 

Over the years we have found that because of budgets and schedules, not every project can be done all at once. Because of this we are proud to offer remodels in stages so we can minimize the disruptions to your life. We also know that as a homeowner you have a personal stake in the beauty and functionality of your home. Sometimes you really want to do it yourself, to have the satisfaction of knowing you built it with your own two hands, but you don't have the experience, tools or time to do it alone. We can help you! We offer tips and assistance to help you save money, get it done right and on time, and just take some of the load off your back.

Rocky Mountain Home Renovations includes a one-year warranty on all work we perform at no additional cost. You can have peace of mind knowing that we don't argue or haggle. We just make it right.



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